Searching the right nanny or caregiver for your loved ones is stressful and time consuming. The only solution is to go through a reputable agency. 

Reliable Nanny & Caregiver Placement Agency is committed to provide quality nannies and caregivers to every family in the lower mainland.


It would be appreciated if you could complete a short online form below to register for a nanny or caregiver with your requirements; it would assist us in finding the right nanny or caregiver for you.

Our Services

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What Do We Offer?

Reliable Nanny & Caregiver Placement Agency offers pre-screened highly qualified well experienced, reliable and educated nannies or caregivers.

Service Fees Options

Free registration – Select candidates and start interviewing. Fee is applicable only if any of our referred interviewed candidates is offered a job position. Fees is payable by the employers on the job acceptance by candidate(s), either verbally or in writing. It is the responsibility of the hiring employer to notify the Agency if a candidate has been offered a job position; services fees are payable within 5 days from the date of the invoice submitted by the agency.

  • Local and Overseas Nanny – $1,500.00 plus applicable taxes
  • Temporary placement when the length of employment is up to 3 days a week – $500.00 plus applicable taxes
  • Part time nanny; working up to three days – $600.00 plus applicable taxes
  • On Call placement fees – $50.00 per booking

Note: All placement / finder’s fees are subject to change without notice. Our guarantee is straightforward and gives you peace of mind. Should things will not work out between a family and the hired nanny within one year of her or his employment a guaranteed replacement is available free of charge.

Reliable Nanny & Caregiver Placement Agency reserves the right to charge the client a 25% surcharge on all accounts not settled with five business days from the date of invoice.