For Employers

A nanny or caregiver provides care for seniors and children, as well as maintaining an orderly and well-kept household. Additionally, they can stay with you in the house, provided they have a private room.

Hiring a live-in nanny or caregiver is more economical than putting your children in a daycare or elderly in a care home. You will have peace of mind knowing that your child or elder will have attention and mental stimulation that they require. Plus, the nanny will assist with housecleaning and meal preparation, and you also have an access of occasional evening and weekend childcare or elderly care available so this means you can have a quality time for your family.

Treating the nanny very well and follow whatever stipulated in the contract.

You fill out the online inquiry form and we will email to you a nanny’s profile that fits the qualification you are looking for.

Complete first the employer inquiry form then we will contact for further information of your family so we will be able to understand your family needs.

A live-out nanny/caregiver is functionally the same as a regular/live-in one, however, live-out nannies/caregivers must leave at the end of each shift, and their cost is slightly higher than the live-in nanny/caregiver.

The current minimum wage for live-in nannies or caregivers is $14.50 per hour for childcare and for senior care is $18.50 an hour.

The current minimum wage for live out nannies and caregivers is $18.00 per hour.

8 hours per day or 40 hours per week.

Normally after 8 hours of working in five days the overtime pay applies which is time and half.

No, you can terminate the contract with cause right away or without cause; please give at least two weeks’ notice if you choose to terminate the nanny’s contract.

No, it is illegal; it is up to you to decide.

  1. No, if they are under the live in caregiver program. Every time the foreign worker transfers for another employer they must get a new work permit first before she can start to work.
  2. Yes, if the nanny or care already have an open work permit or permanent resident status.

We charge a one-time pay for $1,500.00 plus applicable taxes.

Yes, if you are unsatisfied with your current nanny within a year, then we will replace them with a new one, free of charge.

You’ll be able to view your local caregiver in person before confirming, whereas the overseas caregiver you will not be able to. However, we ensure that all our caregivers can work with you legally.
Please, note that all overseas caregivers are pre-screened, pre-checked with their criminal record and medical checkup.

Yes, she is entitled to two weeks or ten working days paid vacation.


There are nine statutory holidays in BC. An employee who has been employed for 30 calendar days, and has worked 15 of the 30 days preceding the holiday, is entitled to statutory holiday pay.

Annual Vacation

After working for one full year, a domestic worker is entitled to at least two weeks’ vacation. After completing five years of employment, the entitlement increases to three weeks.

After five days of employment, a domestic worker is entitled to 4% vacation pay. This increases to 6% after five years of employment. Any outstanding vacation pay must be paid when employment.

The timing of the vacation is the employer’s choice, but it must be at least one week long. A vacation does not include those occasions when the domestic worker goes with the employer on a trip, or stays behind to work in the residence.

Yes, you can ask her to have an advance vacation with pay just for two weeks. Please note that she can decline your request if she wants to.

Do you have any questions we have not addressed? Please contact us at any time.